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KOGS/FIGO Improving Quality of Antenatal, Delivery and postnatal Care in Kenya through clinical audit

Duration: 2008 – 2011

Donors: FIGO and RCOG

Project Contact: Prof. Omondi Ogutu


The overall objective of the project was to improve the quality of maternal and neonatal health care services in Kenyan project facilities. The project worked in four facilities at different levels of the health service from health centre through to national hospital in Nairobi and in the Rift Valley Province. The underlying methodology of the project was to introduce the use of criterion based clinical audits (CBCA) to improve quality of care. The intended outputs of the project were:

  • To improve the quality of antenatal care, delivery and post-natal care at project facilities offering basic and comprehensive emergency obstetric care (EmOC)
  • To improve the accessibility and acceptability of EmOC to women through enhanced community awareness and involvement
  • To strengthen the capacity of professional societies in Kenya to support national efforts at improving maternal and neonatal health care.

The study was carried out in the following hospitals:

  • Kenyatta National hospital
  • Pumwani Maternity hospital
  • Moi Teaching and referral hospital
  • Sabatia health centre

Key Achievements

Clinical care standards and protocols have been developed for antenatal care and delivery. These have been successfully audited and within each of the 4 sites between 2 and 5 standards were developed and measured using the CBCA approach. Over the lifetime of the project 296 staff have been trained to carry out CBCA and frequent trainings have occurred from the beginning of the project and continued in each project year, not only in the project facilities but also with referral clinics and in other departments beyond the maternity wards. Overall there has been a positive response to the use of CBCA to improve quality of care at each of the project sites.

Across each of the four sites, improved relationships with referral centres have been a notable achievement of the project contributing to improved quality of care for mothers and their babies. Each of the 4 project sites has worked to develop relationships with the community. The Nairobi based hospitals have successfully worked with a civil society organisation to source an ambulance which is improving the access of pregnant women to health facilities.

The project has also strengthened of the capacity of the Kenyan Obstetrician and Gynaecology Society (KOGS) to support national efforts at improving maternal and neonatal healthcare. KOGS has also developed important skills in mechanisms for motivating and managing volunteers. The project contributed to KOGS‟ overall ability to implement projects by supporting the development of project and financial management skills.

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