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KOGS/ FIGO Initiative on Prevention of Unsafe Abortion

Duration: 2015-2016

Donor: anonymous

Project contact: Prof. Jaldesa Guyo

Background: Kenya in the quest to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality recognize unsafe abortion as being one of the major direct causes of death accounting for up to 13%. This is highly preventable and commences with public health education and to realize there is an integral role for all health service providers to abate this occurrence.

This can be done through the provision of life skills, empowerment of the girl child/ women, advocacy for women to participate in safe sexual practices, utilization of family planning methods and men being responsible partners. These are the primary prevention strategies.

In cases where an unplanned or risky pregnancy has occurred alternative ways to handle this can be provided through counseling, crisis pregnancy management ( kiotas), adoption, empowerment of the pregnant woman through provision of vocational courses for IGA or provision of safe abortion under the legal framework of the Kenyan law. These are the secondary prevention strategies.

In the circumstances for those unfortunately, who have undergone an unsafe abortion the principle aim is to avert complications arising thereof and/or repetition of the same. It’s imperative that methods that culminate in evacuation of the uterus safely are provided. This can be effectively done using MVA or medication abortion. This is the tertiary prevention strategy.

Project Aim: It is in this vein that FIGO Initiative on prevention of unsafe abortion collaborated with KOGS in the quest to reduce the morbidity and mortality of mothers from unsafe abortion through provision of 300 MVA kits distributed to private and public health facilities and practitioners in Kenya

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