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Egg tray Project

Duration: 2014-2015

Donor: FIGO

Project contact: Dr. Kihara Anne B.

Project Summary:

The egg tray approach in Comprehensive abortion care (CAC) is an innovative model of service delivery, where there is complete integration of counseling with options following the occurrence of an unintended pregnancy, provision of a   method of safe and subsequently a long acting family planning methods in the continuum of care and at the same sitting, given by the same health care personnel before they leave the procedure room. In this model emphasis on LARC is encouraged.  The” egg tray” symbolizing addressing fertility with a holistic approach.

The project was implemented in 2 hospitals in Kenya (Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Nairobi and Coast General Provincial Hospital in Mombasa). Implementation is ongoing with innovation of data streaming and service delivery being reported regularly.

The aim of the project is:

Aim 1: To build capacity of health service providers for Comprehensive abortion care (CAC) services in one County hospital (Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Nairobi) and Provincial Hospital (Coast Provincial General Hospital)

  1. To train in values clarification and attitude transformation (VCAT), client counseling on options when an unintended pregnancy occurred, the various methods of safe abortion, provision of long acting reversible contraception (LARC),documentation and integration of service delivery -one-stop-shop [egg tray] approach
  2. To describe the number and cadre of staff trained on egg tray approach for CAC
  3. To evaluate the health service providers activities in provision of egg tray CAC over one year period

Aim 2: To audit the care provided in CAC service delivery utilizing the egg tray approach.

  1. To strengthen the Health Management Information Systems
  2. To determine the number of clients counseled for abortion and contraception
  3. To determine the number of clients receiving medication and/or manual vacuum aspiration procedure
  4. To determine the number of clients provided LARC, other family planning methods and their timing
  5. To determine the number of clients followed up post procedure, their timing and those who repeatedly seek abortion services
  6. To determine the number of clients with complications and their timing

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